Hamptons Scarf Blush

Hamptons Scarf Blush

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If you summer in the Hamptons...

Featuring hand-drawn architecture reminiscent of Talk House, Surf Lodge, Lunch, Clam Shack, Southampton Social Club, Carissa's Bakery, The Golden Pear, 1770 House & your favorite NYC to Hamptons bus. 

This customized scarf can be worn as a top, skirt or when used with 2 other scarves, can be worn as a dress. It can also be used as a bag accessory, hair accessory or shawl. We use 100% mulberry silk to create the highest quality scarf to serve as the perfect gift for yourself or someone special to you.

Check out our styling page to learn more.

Size: 38" x 38"

Material: 100% silk, hand-rolled and hand-sewn

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