Bernatta Mini Bag

Bernatta Mini Bag

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Crafted from luxurious and smooth silk-satin, the Bernatta bag is a soft pochette with knotted handles and a button closure. Made in Spain with silk fabrics from the iconic Barcelona supplier, Gratacós, this bag exudes elegance and sophistication.

We love the vintage sensibility of pouch bags like this one, which can be carried to both formal events and casual outings. With both normal and mini size options available, this slouchy silhouette is a versatile accessory that is sure to become one of your new essentials.

Whether you're looking to elevate your everyday style or add a touch of sophistication to your evening attire, the Bernatta bag is the perfect choice. With its soft texture, beautiful design, and high-quality materials, this bag is a true testament to Laia Alen's commitment to crafting exceptional accessories.

Material: 85% Polyester and 15% SE

Mini Size (perfect for weddings) : Height 14 cm / Width 30 cm 


To maintain the quality and longevity of this product, we advise handling it with great care. We strongly recommend either dry cleaning or hand washing for optimal maintenance. As this item is delicate in nature, we advise against using strong solvents or chemicals during the cleaning process, as this may cause irreparable damage to the material.

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